I Know Myself


I Know Myself: A Positive Self-Discovery Journal

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It’s time to discover how truly wonderful you are!

This unique 5-in-1 mindfulness journal is an inspiring and supportive guide to self-discovery and self-confidence. It is a guidebook to a happier life, written by the person who knows you best: you!

Suitable for both children and adults, the journal encourages you to take a moment each day to think deeply about what makes you special. Daily affirmations and insightful prompts will give you the chance to pause, look inward, reflect on your actions, and plan a brighter future.


  • Daily affirmations and questions to encourage self-reflection
  • A space to record your thoughts, concerns, and dreams
  • Colouring pages to help you relax and indulge your creativity
  • Flashcards to help you stay positive all day long
  • A QR code that links to audio recordings of daily affirmations

Illustrations by award-winning illustrator and graphic designer Karel Korp


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