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My name is Jane, and I live in the UK with my teenage son, Otto. I was born and raised in Estonia, but moved to the US in 2005 to work with children. No matter what country I’ve called home, I have sought to help others, especially children, discover what makes them wonderful, and evolve into their best selves. All my books are part of that effort, as is my newest endeavour, Bookplanet4kids.co.uk, where we share lots of wonderful children’s books to inspire, delight and entertain the children in your life.

I had my share of struggles growing up, and my life’s mission is to share the lessons I learned as I developed more confidence and self-possession. No child should be afraid to voice their concerns, and every child should have opportunities to express themselves without fearing the consequences of emotional vulnerability.

I Know Myself is my third publication, created for teens and young adults, and like my previous book, Otto and the Angry Donga, it is inspired by my son’s success in developing self-worth and managing his emotions. I hope that I Know Myself journal and the accompanying affirmations video that is suitable for both children and adults help you get to know yourself better and to discover how amazing you truly are!


Jane Komussar

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